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Commercial Projects

Industrial Projects:

Industrial Projects – Industrial  driveways  have  all  sorts  of  shapes,  sizes  and  uses.  
Not  to  mention  lengths,  breadths,  loading  conditions  and uses.  
Industrial  driveways  and  terminal  areas  need  to  withstand  heavy  pavement  loading.  
Therefore, it is critical for them to be designed appropriately.
This is where we come in:
Brick paving is the most cost effective solution for industrial and heavy-duty purposes.  
Brick  pavements can take the weight of concentrated heavy loads.
And they can resist the wheel loads of heavy freight handling vehicles.  
This has made interlocking bricks the top choice for industrial paving.  
We have the relevant know-how to construct pavements to fit these requirements.

Industrial Paving – Industrial Businesses areas are everywhere.

With many businesses bustling and contributing to the economy.

The word “Industrial” often conjures up images of a grimy unattractive warehouse type area but.

There are many industrial premises with clean and neat looking parking lots.

This communicates pride and key values about the companies look.

Quality of an Industrial project will begin with planning.

The size and amount of heavy duty traffic will be an important consideration.


The ability of brick pavements to withstand concentrated heavy loads,

Also to resist the wheel loads of heavy off-road vehicles such as:

  • Cranes
  • Transtainers
  • Forklifts
  • Straddle carriers

This has made interlocking bricks the first choice for many industrial pavements.

Heavy-duty applications of brick paving include:

  • Factory Floors and Pavements
  • Factory Loading Areas
  • Parking Areas
  • Bulk-Cargo Areas
  • Ports and Container-Handling Areas
  • Petrol Filling Stations

And other industrial areas that require durable and load-bearing abilities.

A good quality Industrial project is not only clean and even.

But is functional for heavy duty vehicle traffic.

The Industrial project will have a good gravel foundation.

Therefore there will be no future buckling under the weight of heavy vehicles.

There will be proper planning for water drainage.

Which will prevent any build-up of water in heavy rains.

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